US Patent No. 10,507,058


Patent No. 10,507,058
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Temperature Controlled Short Duration Ablation
Inventorship Assaf Govari, Haifa (IL)
Yaron Ephrath, Karkur (IL)
Andres Claudio Altmann, Haifa (IL)
Israel Zilberman, Yokneam (IL)
Assignee Biosense Webster (Israel) Ltd., Yokneam (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,507,058

1. A method, comprising:performing an ablation procedure on biological tissue using radiofrequency (RF) power by delivering a first level of RF power to the tissue;
measuring at respective times a temperature of the tissue; and
when the temperature of the tissue exceeds a preset maximum allowable temperature within a range of 55° C.-65° C., reducing the RF power by delivering a second level of RF power to the tissue,
wherein the first level of RF power is in a range of 70 W-100 W, and the second level of RFt power is in a range of 20 W-60 W.