US Patent No. 10,506,900


Patent No. 10,506,900
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Paper Towel Roll Holder
Inventorship Michael Pagliaro, Johnston, RI (US)
Dana Pagliaro, Johnston, RI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,506,900

1. A paper towel roll holder comprising:a clamp, an upper arm, and a lower arm;
wherein the clamp is cylindrical and is oriented vertically, defining a top and a bottom of the clamp;
wherein a gap runs longitudinally from the top to the bottom defining a first edge of the clamp and a second edge of the clamp;
wherein a diameter of the clamp is approximately the same as a diameter of a pole of a patio umbrella;
wherein the clamp is held in place by friction between the pole and an inside surface of the clamp;
wherein the gap has a width which is measured from the first edge to the second edge;
wherein the width is between ? and 1/10 of a circumference of the clamp;
wherein the upper arm is an L-shaped, flexible member;
wherein one end of the upper arm attaches to an outside surface of the clamp near the top of the clamp and at a point directly opposite the gap;
wherein the upper arm extends in a direction away from a center of the clamp for a first distance before turning and extending downwards for a second distance.