US Patent No. 10,506,676


Patent No. 10,506,676
Issue Date December 10, 2019
Title Led Driver And Driving Method Thereof
Inventorship Shengdie Lin, Guangdong (CN)
Yang Liu, Guangdong (CN)
Assignee LEDVANCE GMBH, Garching bei Munchen (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,506,676

1. An LED driver, comprisingat least two sub-LED drivers connected in series between two terminals of an AC power source, wherein the at least two sub-LED drivers have a same configuration, each sub-LED driver comprising:
a switch circuit, having a first reference ground interface connected to a first reference ground,
an inductor, having a first terminal connected to the first reference ground; and
a first capacitor, having a first terminal connected to a second terminal of the inductor and a second terminal connected to a second reference ground, and a load comprising at least one LED to be driven connected between the first terminal and the second terminal of the first capacitor;
wherein an inductance value of the inductor in each sub-LED driver causes the sub-LED driver to operate in an open loop mode.