US Patent No. 10,502,371


Patent No. 10,502,371
Issue Date December 10, 2019
Title Led-lamp
Inventorship Jin Hu, Shenzhen Guangdong (CN)
Tianzheng Jiang, Shenzhen Guangdong (CN)
Bernhard Rieder, Regensburg (DE)
Yonggang Xiao, Shenzhen Guangdong (CN)
Assignee LEDVANCE GMBH, Garching bei Munchen (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,502,371

1. A lamp comprising:a substantially transparent housing tube;
a first end cap at a first end of the housing tube;
a second end cap at a second end of the housing tube, wherein the end caps include contacts for electrically contacting a power supply; and
a light emitting diode (LED)-filament arranged in the housing tube between the first end cap and the second end cap;
wherein at least one driver for the LED-filament is provided, wherein a first driver is arranged at the first end cap and a second driver is arranged at the second end cap.