US Patent No. 10,496,064


Patent No. 10,496,064
Issue Date December 03, 2019
Title Selection Device And Network System For Selecting Electric Motor System
Inventorship Kenta Yamamoto, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,496,064

1. A selection device for selecting an electric motor system, comprising:an information reception part which receives an input machine condition;
a storage which previously stores specification data representing performances of a plurality of electric motor systems and controller parameters each for setting an operation parameter in a controller which controls the electric motor system, the operation parameter being necessary for the controller to operate the electric motor system,
the specification data comprising one or more of rated power, rated torque, rated output current, or allowable regenerative power,
the operation parameters including:
the specification data; and
one or more of power monitoring function, power anomaly detection function, or temperature anomaly detection function,
the controller parameters including information of each of the operating parameters,
the specification data and the controller parameters being previously stored in association with the respective electric motor systems, each controller parameter being loaded into the controller, wherein the controller is configured to automatically set the operation parameter for operating the electric motor system when being loaded into the controller;
a selection part which compares the machine condition received by the information reception part with the specification data stored in the storage, and selects the electric motor system, which meets the machine condition, from the plurality of electric motor systems; and
a parameter generation part which reads out from the storage the controller parameter associated with the electric motor system selected by the selection part to output the controller parameter,
wherein the controller parameter output from the parameter generation part is loaded into the controller such that the controller automatically sets the operation parameter in the controller.