US Patent No. 10,488,016


Patent No. 10,488,016
Issue Date November 26, 2019
Title Light-emitting Diode (led) Lighting Device
Inventorship Jianmin Xie, Shanghai (CN)
Xiufeng Shi, Shanghai (CN)
Chaobo Liu, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee OPPLE LIGHTING CO., LTD., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,488,016

1. A light-emitting diode (LED) lighting device, comprising:at least one light source, a base board, a reflector, a shell, a drive module and a mounting structure, an anti-dazzle element and a diffusion element to diffuse the light from the at least one light source wherein the anti-dazzle element and the diffusion element have different shapes, the anti-dazzle element forms at least a pair of latches, the at least pair of latches extend from one side of the anti-dazzle element, and the anti-dazzle element latches onto the diffusion element situated in a path of light of the at least one light source, via the at least pair of latches; the at least one light source arranged on the base board, and the base board and the reflector contained in the shell, the drive module assembled to the mounting structure, and wherein the LED lighting device comprises connector connecting the mounting structure with the reflector, and the base board and the shell are sandwiched between the reflector and the mounting structure,
wherein the connector comprises at least a screw and a screw post disposed on the reflector, and wherein the screw screws with the screw post to connect the reflector with the mounting structure.