US Patent No. 10,487,989


Patent No. 10,487,989
Issue Date November 26, 2019
Title Led Lighting Device
Inventorship Liang Cao, Shanghai (CN)
Youfeng Chen, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee OPPLE LIGHTING CO., LTD., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,487,989

1. An LED lighting device, comprising a head portion, a heat sink, a mounting portion, a lighting circuit and an optical element; wherein:the head portion is configured for mounting the LED lighting device to an outer installation device and electrically connecting the LED lighting device with an outer power source;
the lighting circuit comprises a circuit board and at least one LED light source arranged on one surface of the circuit board; the lighting circuit is held between the mounting portion and the optical element, and light emitted from the at least one LED light source is output after being distributed by the optical element; and
the heat sink is held between the head portion and the mounting portion and includes a flat main portion and an extension formed outwards from an outer periphery of the flat main portion where the extension extends beyond the outermost peripheries of the mounting portion, the lighting circuit, and the optical element, in both a radial direction and a light emission direction and at least a portion of the circuit board of the lighting circuit or the heat sink penetrates the mounting portion to make a direct thermal contact between the heat sink and the lighting circuit.