US Patent No. 10,485,150


Patent No. 10,485,150
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title High-performance Electromagnetic Shielding Assemblies
Inventorship Daniel P. Jones, Pinellas Park, FL (US)
Assignee Raytheon Company, Waltham, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,485,150

1. An electromagnetic shielding assembly of a wireless communication electronics assembly, the assembly comprising:a plurality of ground plates interfaced to each other and defining a shielding plane, the ground plates in support of wireless communication devices on one side of the shielding plane, and electronic devices supported on the other side of the shielding plane, wherein each ground plate includes a left edge and a right edge opposite each other; and
at least one electromagnetic shielding element disposed between the left edge and the right edge of adjacent ground plates to electromagnetically shield the plurality of electronic devices from the plurality of wireless communication devices.