US Patent No. 10,485,122


Patent No. 10,485,122
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Electrically Insulative Case Including Frame Having Plurality Of Possible Orientations
Inventorship Ryszard Rzepecki, Bielsko-Biala (PL)
Tomasz Jan Babik, Roczyny (PL)
Piotr Pawel Honkisz, Kozy (PL)
Rafal Marek Mrotek, Bielsko-Biala (PL)
Assignee ABB Schweiz AG, Baden (CH)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,485,122

1. An electrically insulative case for an electrical device, said electrically insulative case comprising:a housing defining an interior space, said housing arranged to receive the electrical device within the interior space;
a frame operatively coupleable to said housing in a plurality of orientations, said frame defining at least one opening that provides access to the electrical device, wherein said frame includes an inner sidewall that extends into the interior space;
a restrictor coupleable to the electrical device such that said restrictor extends from the electrical device and along a side surface of said inner sidewall of said frame, wherein said restrictor is arranged to inhibit objects from moving from an exterior of said housing into the interior space; and
a cover moveable between an opened position and a closed position, wherein said frame includes a first side and a second side, and wherein said first side includes a first engagement feature coupleable to said cover and said second side includes a second engagement feature coupleable to said cover.