US Patent No. 10,485,114


Patent No. 10,485,114
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Engaging Structure And Display Device Having The Same
Inventorship Szu-Yin Chen, Miao-Li County (TW)
Chih-Hung Hsu, Miao-Li County (TW)
Chin-Tu Tsai, Miao-Li County (TW)
I-Han Liu, Miao-Li County (TW)
Assignee INNOLUX CORPORATION, Miao-Li County (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,485,114

1. A display device, comprising:a display panel, a backlight module and a housing, the display panel and the backlight module disposed in an accommodating space of the housing, the housing comprising a frame, a rear plate and a plurality of assembling modules, wherein an inner surface of the frame is assembled with an outer surface of a side of the rear plate through one of the plurality of assembling modules to create the accommodating space, and one of the plurality of assembling modules comprises:
an engaging structure disposed on the inner surface of the frame, and the engaging structure comprising a base, a first positioning element, and a second positioning element, wherein the first positioning element comprises a connecting portion, a guiding portion, and a baffle portion disposed therebetween, and the guiding portion is bent toward the accommodating space; and
an accommodating hole and a guiding structure disposed at the side of the rear plate, the accommodating hole disposed correspondingly to the second positioning element of the engaging structure for engaging, the guiding structure bent toward the accommodating space, and the guiding structure disposed correspondingly to the accommodating hole for guiding the second positioning element to the accommodating hole.