US Patent No. 10,485,100


Patent No. 10,485,100
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Circuit Board And Display System
Inventorship Naoyuki Senda, Kyoto (JP)
Yuichi Yanagisawa, Atsugi (JP)
Assignee Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd., Kanagawa-ken (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,485,100

1. A display system comprising:a display device comprising:
a display portion; and
a curvature control mechanism comprising a plurality of electromagnets provided along an end of the display portion, the plurality of electromagnets comprising a first electromagnet, a second electromagnet, and a third electromagnet;
a distance data detection sensor configured to detect a distance data between a user and the distance data detection sensor; and
a curvature control circuit configured to control a curvature of the display device on a basis of the distance data by controlling operation of the curvature control mechanism,
the first electromagnet and the second electromagnet are in a first row and are directly adjacent to each other,
a first axis passes through a midpoint of the first electromagnet and a midpoint of the second electromagnet,
the first electromagnet is electrically connected to a first wiring,
the second electromagnet is electrically connected to a second wiring that is different from the first wiring so that a direction of current flowing in the second electromagnet is able to be changed independently of the first electromagnet,
the third electromagnet is in a second row,
a center axis of the third electromagnet passes through a midpoint of a distance between the first electromagnet and the second electromagnet, and
the center axis is orthogonal to the first axis.