US Patent No. 10,483,850


Patent No. 10,483,850
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Universal Input-voltage-compatible Switched-mode Power Supply
Inventorship Mustafa Homsi, Los Angeles, CA (US)
Chris Strickler, Mission Viejo, CA (US)
Assignee ECOSENSE LIGHTING INC., Los Angeles, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,483,850

1. A switched-mode power supply (SMPS), comprising:a direct current (DC)-to-DC step-down converter having an input terminal, a positive output terminal, a negative output terminal, and a transistor having a channel being coupled between a cathode and an anode, the anode being coupled with a grounded current sense resistor, and the DC-to-DC step-down converter being: configured for operation in a boundary conduction mode; and configured for receiving a DC input current having an input voltage at the input terminal; and configured for causing a DC output current having an output voltage to flow from the positive output terminal through an output load to the negative output terminal; and configured for being integrated with a controller, the controller being configured for applying a pulse-width-modulated voltage to the channel of the transistor for controlling a duty cycle of the DC output current, the duty cycle having an on-time period (T-On) and an off-time period (T-Off), the controller being coupled with a T-On capacitor having a T-On voltage, the controller being configured for charging the T-On capacitor during the T-On period by a regulated T-On current for setting a maximum limit of the T-On period, the controller being configured for initiating the T-Off period when the T-On capacitor becomes charged to a selected maximum limit of the T-On voltage;
a voltage divider being coupled with the input terminal for receiving the input voltage and for reducing the input voltage to a signal voltage being within a selected voltage signal range;
a voltage-to-current converter having a connection with the voltage divider, the voltage-to-current converter including another output terminal being coupled with another transistor having another channel being coupled between another cathode and another anode, the voltage-to-current converter including a grounded precision resistor configured for generating a transconductance voltage, the voltage-to-current converter being configured for inputting the signal voltage and for outputting an error correction voltage being applied to the another channel for generating a signal current appearing at the another anode and defining a transconductance of the voltage-to-current converter and having a current signal value being within a selected current signal range representing the selected voltage signal range; and
a current mirror being coupled with the another cathode and being configured for receiving and combining a regulated supply current having a supply voltage together with the signal current as forming a T-On modulation current, with the current mirror being configured for causing the T-On modulation current to be combined with the regulated T-On current to charge the T-On capacitor.