US Patent No. 10,480,880


Patent No. 10,480,880
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Ammunition Magazine
Inventorship Adrian Thomele, Stratham, NH (US)
Jason Knight, Exeter, NH (US)
Scott D. Shinkle, Greenland, NH (US)
Assignee Sig Sauer, Inc., Newington, NH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,480,880

1. A detachable box magazine comprising:a hollow magazine tube extending longitudinally along a median plane, the hollow magazine tube having a front tube sidewall, a rear tube sidewall, a left tube sidewall on a left side of the median plane, and a right tube sidewall on a right side of the median plane, wherein the hollow magazine tube defines a single-stack portion and a double-stack portion positioned below the single-stack portion, the single-stack portion sized and constructed to retain at least two vertically aligned cartridges;
wherein opposite lateral margins of the front sidewall have a stepped shape between the double-stack portion and an upper tube end, the stepped shape including a first sloped portion located adjacent the upper tube end and extending downward and laterally outward from the median plane, a vertical section extending from the first sloped portion downward along the median plane, and a second sloped portion extending from the vertical section downward and laterally outward from the median plane to the double-stack portion, wherein the first sloped portion, the vertical section, and the second sloped portion each have a vertical size commensurate with a cartridge to be retained in the detachable box magazine.