US Patent No. 10,478,573


Patent No. 10,478,573
Issue Date November 19, 2019
Title Counter And Handheld Device With Counter
Inventorship Alfred Von Schuckmann, Kevelaer (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,478,573

1. A counter (6) for a handheld device (1) for dispensing pharmaceutical substances, with at least one counter wheel (20) that features legible characters, wherein the counter wheel (20) is rotatable about a rotational axis (14) and a drive part (10) for the counter wheel (20) is provided in order to rotationally act upon the counter wheel (20), wherein said drive part (10) features a shaped engagement section for cooperating with the counter wheel (20), and wherein an acting part (49) is furthermore provided and is configured to be displaced relative to the counter wheel (20) in the direction of the rotational axis (14) against a spring force, wherein the acting part (49) is rotationally moved and connected to the drive part (10) in order to rotate jointly therewith, and wherein the drive part (10) features a guide section (13), by which it is seated on the rotational axis (14) of the counter in the assembled state of the counter (6), wherein the rotational axis of the counter is realized in the form of a stationary pin, wherein the drive part (10) and/or the acting part (49) feature a shaped gear section, and wherein the shaped gear section comprises a slotted link (18) on one of the drive part (10) and rotational axis (14), as well as a slide block (17) on the other of the drive part (10) and rotational axis (14).