US Patent No. 10,468,844


Patent No. 10,468,844
Issue Date November 05, 2019
Title Plug-type Lamp
Inventorship Qi Xu, Shanghai (CN)
Ming Chen, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Opple Lighting Co., Ltd., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,468,844

1. A plug-type lamp, comprising:a base with a plug part, the plug part being configured to be plugged in a socket and be electrically connected with the socket;
a light source module housed in the base;
a pair of conductive terminals configured to electrically connect the plug part with the light source module;
a cover assembled with the base, wherein the base has a bottom wall and a side wall extending perpendicularly from an outer periphery of the bottom wall; and
a clamping part disposed on the side wall via two ends of the clamping part extending from opposite locations on the side wall,
wherein a first receiving slot perpendicular to the bottom wall is disposed at a position where each of the two ends of the clamping part is connected with the side wall, and the first receiving slot is configured to receive and fix the light source module, and
wherein the light source module is insertable in the first receiving slot so as to be fixed on the base.