US Patent No. 10,462,896


Patent No. 10,462,896
Issue Date October 29, 2019
Title Flexible Display Device
Inventorship Oh June Kwon, Hwaseong-si (KR)
Seung Wook Kwon, Hwaseong-si (KR)
Hyo Jeong Kwon, Seoul (KR)
Doo Hwan Kim, Yongin-si (KR)
Min Sang Kim, Suwon-si (KR)
Chan Ho Moon, Busan (KR)
Won Je Cho, Osan-si (KR)
Assignee SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD., Gyeonggi-Do (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,462,896

1. A display device comprising:a flexible substrate including:
a bending area corresponding to an area at which the display device is bent, and
a first area and a second area which is spaced apart from the first area by the bending area;
a display element unit which is controlled to display an image, the display element unit disposed on the flexible substrate in the first area of the flexible substrate; and
a buffer member disposed on the flexible substrate in the bending area of the flexible substrate, wherein the buffer member in the bending area includes:
a first buffer member having a first maximum thickness, and a second buffer member having a second maximum thickness which is smaller than the first maximum thickness, and
among the first buffer member and the second member, the first buffer member disposed closer to the first area and the second member disposed closer to the second area.