US Patent No. 10,462,887


Patent No. 10,462,887
Issue Date October 29, 2019
Title Radiation Irradiation Device
Inventorship Hideaki Kuranisi, Kanagawa (JP)
Assignee FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,462,887

1. A radiation irradiation device comprising:a radiation generating part having a radiation source that generates radiation;
an arm part having the radiation generating part attached to one end thereof; and
a main body part having the other end of the arm part connected thereto,
a power source part having a three-phase inverter circuit, wherein the power source part is provided at the main body, and
a cable part for electrically connecting the three-phase inverter circuit and the radiation generating part;
wherein the three-phase inverter circuit supplies a three-phase alternating current voltage to the radiation generating part via the cable part which is extended along the arm part,
wherein the radiation generating part has two transformer circuits that generate two-system single-phase alternating voltages from the three-phase alternating current voltage, and the two transformer circuits are respectively provided as separate systems on a positive side and a negative side of the radiation source.