US Patent No. 10,462,359


Patent No. 10,462,359
Issue Date October 29, 2019
Title Image Composition Instruction Based On Reference Image Perspective
Inventorship Tushar Rajvanshi, Meerut (IN)
Sourabh Gupta, Noida (IN)
Ajay Bedi, Hamirpur (IN)
Assignee Adobe Inc., San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,462,359

1. In a digital medium environment to capture digital images, a method implemented by a computing device having an integrated camera device, the method comprising:capturing, by the camera device, a digital image of an object as a template image depicting the object from an initial perspective;
displaying reference images depicting subjects that are similar to the object captured in the template image;
receiving a selection of one of the reference images indicating a selected reference image;
determining that a location of the computing device is proximate a perspective location associated with the selected reference image;
displaying instructions to adjust the initial perspective of the computing device to a position that aligns a composition of an image preview of the object with a composition of the selected reference image, the instructions including a first indicator of the composition of the image preview and a second indicator of the composition of the selected reference image;
adjusting at least one of the first indicator or the second indicator to indicate a direction to move the computing device to the position; and
capturing, by the camera device according to the position, an additional digital image of the object captured in the template image.