US Patent No. 10,462,009


Patent No. 10,462,009
Issue Date October 29, 2019
Title Replicating Customers' Information Technology (it) Infrastructures At Service Provider Networks
Inventorship Nagaraju Shiramshetti, Santa Clara, CA (US)
Assignee Amazon Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,462,009

1. A computer-implemented method comprising:obtaining discovery data from a customer network, the discovery data identifying at least two servers of an information technology (IT) infrastructure located in the customer network;
generating an infrastructure template based on the discovery data, the infrastructure template including server migration settings used to migrate the at least two servers from the customer network to a service provider network;
receiving a request to replicate the IT infrastructure located in the customer network at the service provider network; and
replicating the IT infrastructure at the service provider network, the replicating including, for each of the at least two servers identified by the discovery data:
obtaining replication data for the server from the customer network based on the server migration settings of the infrastructure template, and
creating a replicated instance of the server at the service provider network based on the replication data.