US Patent No. 10,459,245


Patent No. 10,459,245
Issue Date October 29, 2019
Title Flexible Temple Structure
Inventorship Chien-Liang Wu, Tainan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,459,245

1. A flexible temple structure comprising a lens surface, a frame surroundingly provided on the periphery of said lens surface, and two temples respectively connected to two ends of said frame, two sides of said lens surface being defined as a front face and a back face, characterized in that said flexible temple structure comprises:two first connecting portions respectively provided on each of two corresponding ends of said frame, each of said first connecting portions comprising a main body provided toward the back face of said lens surface, a projecting block extending toward the back face of said lens surface from said main body, and a shaft post radially provided on two ends of said projecting block; and
two second connecting portions individually provided at one end of each of said temples, each of said second connecting portions comprising an embedded mouth, an accommodating space communicated with said embedded mouth, and a guide slot provided at two sides of said accommodating space, said guide slot comprising a fastening section, and a securing section connected with one end, away from said embedded mouth, of said fastening section, wherein an opening of said fastening section is opened perpendicularly to said embedded mouth, and a width of said opening of said fastening section is narrowed gradually in a direction toward said securing section;
wherein said projecting block and said shaft post sequentially enter said accommodating space and said guide slot through said embedded mouth, an appropriate resistance force is provided by said fastening section to allow said shaft post being operably retained in said securing section and said shaft post being pivoted in said securing section.