US Patent No. 10,455,046


Patent No. 10,455,046
Issue Date October 22, 2019
Title Choreographed Caching
Inventorship Ryan Yong Kim, Rolling Hills Estates, CA (US)
Assignee Belkin International, Inc., Playa Vista, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,455,046

1. A computer implemented method comprising:monitoring, by a computing device, requests received on a plurality of routing devices for application data corresponding to a network resource identifier;
aggregating the requests received over a caching time window to derive an aggregated set of past application data including the requests received on the plurality of routing devices;
determining, using the set of past application data, one or more data request patterns associated with the plurality of routing devices and the application data;
determining, using the data request patterns, a forecast of demand for future application data; and
in response to determining the forecast of demand for the future application data, transmitting a communication including a preemptive notification to one or more of the plurality of routing devices to cache future application data based on the forecast of demand, wherein the communication is transmitted to the one or more of the plurality of routing devices before demand for the application data is expected.