US Patent No. 10,447,578


Patent No. 10,447,578
Issue Date October 15, 2019
Title Redistribution Policy Engine
Inventorship William Brad Matthews, San Jose, CA (US)
Puneet Agarwal, Cupertino, CA (US)
Meg Lin, Saratoga, CA (US)
Rupa Budhia, San Jose, CA (US)
Assignee Innovium, Inc., San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,447,578

1. A system comprising:multiple path candidate selection logics configured to select paths to network destinations to assign to data units based on functions of data unit information associated with the data units, including a first logic and a second logic, the first logic configured to select, based on particular data unit information, a different path than the second logic is configured to select based on the same particular data unit information;
a redistribution bucket manager configured to identify sets of redistributable values to associate with the network destinations;
a traffic distribution function manager configured to select between the multiple path candidate selection logics when determining a path candidate selection logic to utilize for selecting a path to assign to a given flow of the data units, based on output of a redistribution function of given data unit information shared by the data units in the given flow, the traffic distribution function manager concurrently selecting the first logic for a first flow to a particular destination and the second logic for a second flow to the particular destination, responsive to the output of the redistribution function falling into one of the sets of redistributable values for the second flow, but not for the first flow.