US Patent No. 10,433,450


Patent No. 10,433,450
Issue Date October 01, 2019
Title Mounting And Fastening Mechanism
Inventorship Daniel Kinard, Coconut Grove, FL (US)
Craig Kirsch, Key Largo, FL (US)
Assignee Gables Engineering, Inc., Coral Gables, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,433,450

1. A mounting mechanism for securing a panel to an equipment rail, the mounting mechanism comprising:a bezel assembly and a mounting plate assembly, wherein the bezel assembly includes a bezel frame, a bezel internal metal plate and a pair of latch handles connected to the bezel frame by latch handle fasteners at a set of pivot points;
wherein the mounting plate assembly includes a mounting plate, a set of spring sheets that are secured to the mounting plate by a plurality of screws; and
a plurality of custom quarter-turn fasteners adapted to secure the mounting plate assembly to the equipment rail.