US Patent No. 10,433,449


Patent No. 10,433,449
Issue Date October 01, 2019
Title Double Line Replaceable Module Locking Bracket
Inventorship Kevin Donald Kilroy, Rockford, IL (US)
Steven E. Jackson, Rockford, IL (US)
Assignee Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Charlotte, NC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,433,449

1. A locking bracket system for a pair of line replaceable modules (LRMs), comprising:a locking bracket assembly including:
an expanding member configured to be actuated to expand;
an extension bracket attached to the expanding member, wherein the extension bracket extends from the expanding member in a direction opposite that the expanding member expands, wherein the extension bracket includes one or more guide post holes configured to receive a guide post; and
a guide post disposed in each guide post hole, wherein each guide post is configured to slide in a chassis guide channel defined in the chassis,
wherein each of the expanding member and the extension bracket are configured to compress against a LRM to retain the pair of LRMs to a chassis when the expanding member is in an expanded position.