US Patent No. 10,433,349


Patent No. 10,433,349
Issue Date October 01, 2019
Title Exchanging Position And Session Data Responsive To Trigger Events
Inventorship Michael Russell, Lake Zurich, IL (US)
Amitkumar Balar, Mundelein, IL (US)
Assignee Motorola Mobility LLC, Chicago, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,433,349

1. A method, comprising:responsive to a trigger event, establishing a session between a first device and a set of second devices;
exchanging session data with the second devices in the session, wherein the session data comprises identity data and position data;
determining a relative position of each of the second devices in the session relative to the first device based on the position data;
logging event data and data including the relative position associated with the session;
activating a third device associated with the session for a selected one of the second devices based on the relative position of the selected one of the second devices; and
removing a selected one of the set of second devices from the session responsive to a termination event and terminating the exchanging of the session data with the selected one of the second devices.