US Patent No. 10,426,038


Patent No. 10,426,038
Issue Date September 24, 2019
Title Manufacturing Method Of Circuit Board
Inventorship Shih-Lian Cheng, New Taipei (TW)
Assignee Unimicron Technology Corp., Taoyuan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,426,038

1. A manufacturing method of a circuit board, comprising:providing a dielectric substrate, wherein a circuit pattern, a dielectric layer covering the circuit pattern, and a conductive via located in the dielectric layer and connected to the circuit pattern are disposed on the dielectric substrate;
forming a thermal-sensitive adhesive layer on the dielectric layer;
forming a photoresist material layer on the thermal-sensitive adhesive layer;
performing imprinting on the photoresist material layer via a stamp, wherein a first conductive layer is disposed on a surface of a pressing side of the stamp facing the circuit pattern, a second conductive layer is disposed on a surface of other portions of the stamp, and a resistance of the first conductive layer is greater than a resistance of the second conductive layer;
applying a current to the stamp;
removing the stamp and the photoresist material layer and the thermal-sensitive adhesive layer below the pressing side to form a patterned photoresist layer and a patterned thermal-sensitive adhesive layer;
forming a patterned metal layer on a region exposed by the patterned photoresist layer;
removing the patterned photoresist layer;
heating the patterned thermal-sensitive adhesive layer to reduce the adhesion of the patterned thermal-sensitive adhesive layer; and
after heating the patterned thermal-sensitive adhesive layer, removing the patterned thermal-sensitive adhesive layer.