US Patent No. 10,422,939


Patent No. 10,422,939
Issue Date September 24, 2019
Title Waveguide Having Unidrectional Illuminance
Inventorship Eric J. Tarsa, Goleta, CA (US)
David R. Stone, Northridge, CA (US)
Jean-Claude David Ramey de Sugny, Santa Barbara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,422,939

1. A display lighting element for viewing of an object disposed therein, comprising:a luminaire comprising:
a transparent optical waveguide comprising a primary light-emitting surface and a secondary surface opposite the primary light-emitting surface;
a light source coupled to the transparent optical waveguide; and
a plurality of light extraction features disposed on the primary light-emitting surface; and
wherein the plurality of light extraction features comprises a first portion adjacent to the primary light-emitting surface and a second portion distal from the primary light-emitting surface, wherein the first portion comprises a truncated hemispherical shape in cross section and the second portion comprises one of a truncated conical shape and a cylindrical shape in cross section such that the plurality of light extraction features develop a directional illumination distribution through the primary light-emitting surface in a direction away from the secondary surface onto the object displayed,
a display case comprising a housing wherefrom the display lighting element is suspended;
wherein the object is viewable through the secondary surface and the primary light-emitting surface by a direct line-of-sight.