US Patent No. 10,414,378


Patent No. 10,414,378
Issue Date September 17, 2019
Title Window Assembly
Inventorship Charles Sitterlet, Northwood, OH (US)
Assignee Pilkington Group Limited, St. Helens (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,414,378

1. A window assembly, comprising:a polymeric interlayer provided between an inner pane of glass and an outer pane of glass, the inner pane and outer pane each have a first major surface and a second major surface, wherein the second major surface of the outer pane and the first major surface of the inner pane face each other;
a connector assembly having a wire assembly, the wire assembly comprising a wire and a terminal connector, the wire has an unsheathed portion and the terminal connector is attached to the unsheathed portion, the terminal connector comprising a pair of sidewalls which are separated from each other by the unsheathed portion of the wire, wherein the terminal connector has a width and a height, the width being greater than the height, and the terminal connector is also attached to a busbar provided on the second major surface of either the inner pane or the outer pane; and
a potting layer provided over the terminal connector.