US Patent No. 10,412,906


Patent No. 10,412,906
Issue Date September 17, 2019
Title Sap-collecting Devices, Systems And Methods For Sap-producing Saplings
Inventorship Timothy D. Perkins, Richmond, VT (US)
Abby K. van den Berg, South Burlington, VT (US)
Assignee University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington, VT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,412,906

1. A sap-collecting system for collecting sap from a plurality of sap-producing saplings having respective stems each having a cut top end, comprising:a plurality of sap-collecting devices operably disposed one each over respective top ends of the stems to form a vacuum-tight seal, each sap-collecting device having an interior and a first access port;
a line system operably connected to the first access ports;
a vacuum system operably connected to the line system, with the vacuum system including collecting tank, wherein the vacuum system is configured to apply a partial vacuum to each of the interiors of the sap-collecting devices so that sap flows from the top ends of the stems, through the corresponding sap-collecting devices and through the line system to the collecting tank; and
wherein the sap-collecting devices each include:
a flexible bag sized to fit over the top end of the corresponding stem;
at least one securing member configured to secure the flexible bag to the corresponding stem portion and to the end cap to form the vacuum-tight seal; and
a spacer configured to space the flexible bag away from the top end of the corresponding stem.