US Patent No. 10,412,681


Patent No. 10,412,681
Issue Date September 10, 2019
Title System And Method For Controlling Communication Device Use
Inventorship Daniel Hodges, San Francisco, CA (US)
Tasos Roumeliotis, Orinda, CA (US)
Scott Hotes, Berkeley, CA (US)
Assignee Location Labs, Inc., Emeryville, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,412,681

1. A computer implemented method of controlling use of a mobile communication device, the method comprising:establishing a value corresponding to a particular user of the device;
receiving an indication of at least one triggering condition of the particular user of the device, the at least one triggering condition being based on a level of battery charge;
determining at a plurality of times that the at least one triggering condition has been met based on measurement by the device;
modifying the value based on an aggregating of the determining of the at least one triggering condition has been met at the plurality of times;
determining when the value crosses a particular threshold; and
disabling at least one of an application or a functional component of the device responsive to the value crossing the particular threshold.