US Patent No. 10,408,402


Patent No. 10,408,402
Issue Date September 10, 2019
Title Optical System For A Led Luminaire
Inventorship Pavel Jurik, Prostredni Becva (CZ)
Josef Valchar, Prostredni Becva (CZ)
Assignee Robe Lighting s.r.o., Roznov pod Radhostem (CZ)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,408,402

1. An automated multiparameter luminaire, comprising:a multi-die light-emitting diode (LED) light source configured to emit a first light beam;
an elongated total internal reflection (TIR) homogenizer having parallel sides, optically coupled to the multi-die LED light source and configured to receive the first light beam and emit a second light beam;
a zoom lens system, configured to receive the second light beam without passing through any intervening lenses and to emit a third light beam, the zoom lens system further configured to alter one or more of a focus, beam angle, or zoom of the third light beam; and
an optical effect system positioned between the elongated TIR homogenizer and the zoom lens system, the optical effect system comprising a prism configured (i) to be moved to a first position in the second light beam and to a second position out of the second light beam, and (ii) to rotate within the second light beam while in the first position.