US Patent No. 10,404,110


Patent No. 10,404,110
Issue Date September 03, 2019
Title Stator With Core Including Divided Cores, And Electric Motor
Inventorship Tatsuya Senoo, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,404,110

1. A method of assembling a stator, comprising:providing a plurality of divided cores, each divided core including
a tooth having a circumferential width,
a divided back yoke extending from a radially outer edge of the tooth toward a first circumferential side and constituting a part of the divided back yoke, the divided back yoke having a radial width being less than or equal to the circumferential width of the tooth,
each tooth being aligned in a circumferential direction and extending toward radially inside from the divided back yoke, and
a connecting surface at an end of a second circumferential side opposite to the first circumferential side, the connecting surface being a plane or a convex surface extending from a side surface of the second circumferential side of the tooth to an outer circumferential surface of the divided back yoke; and
providing a plurality of annular coils, each annular coil having a center hole, each coil having a first center hole size of a first uniform width prior to being inserted around the tooth;
sliding the annular coil along each tooth, by moving the annular coil toward the tooth along the connecting surface so as to gradually enlarge the center hole to a second center hole size, the second center hole size being of a second uniform width, the second uniform width being uniformly greater than the first uniform width; and
coupling the plurality of divided cores each fitted with the annular coil to each other so as to be aligned in the circumferential direction.