US Patent No. 10,404,069


Patent No. 10,404,069
Issue Date September 03, 2019
Title Driving Circuit, Driving Arrangement And Driving Method, Suitable For Grid Feeding
Inventorship Goutam Maji, Bangalore (IN)
Venkata Sriiram Pullela, Bangalore (IN)
Mahadev Cholachagudda, Bengaluru (IN)
Girish Ramdas Wabale, Banglore (IN)
Vasu Poojary, Bangalore (IN)
Assignee SIGNIFY HOLDING B.V., Eindhoven (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,404,069

1. A driving arrangement for driving a set of appliances, comprising:a set of driving circuits, wherein each driving circuit include,
a two-line power input;
a first output for connection to one of the set of appliances;
a second, two-line, output;
an internal energy source; and
a switching arrangement, wherein the second, two-line, output is coupled to the two-line power input via the switching arrangement and the switching arrangement is configurable into,
a first mode, in which the two-line power input is connected to the second, two-line, output, and the internal energy source is isolated from direct connection to the two-line power input; and
a second mode in which the internal energy source is in series between a first line of the two-line power input and a corresponding first line of the second, two-line, output;
wherein the set of driving circuits are connected together in a chain, with the second, two-line, output of one of the set driving circuits connected to the two-line power input of next one of the set of driving circuits in the chain, wherein each driving circuit is for driving a respective appliance.