US Patent No. 10,400,981


Patent No. 10,400,981
Issue Date September 03, 2019
Title Lighting Device
Inventorship Logan M. Kingen, West Liberty, OH (US)
Christopher T. Lepage, Marysville, OH (US)
Akira Hongo, Powell, OH (US)
Nathan M. Fisher, Dublin, OH (US)
Aaron M. Eberle, Dublin, OH (US)
Teerawan Grogan, London, OH (US)
Robert William Herpy, Columbus, OH (US)
William Gerret McWhorter, Columbus, OH (US)
Takuya Matsumaru, London, OH (US)
Taizo Yokoyama, London, OH (US)
Assignee Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP) STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,400,981

1. A lighting device for a vehicle comprising:a first lighting part arranged on a stationary body part of the vehicle;
a second lighting part arranged on a movable body part of the vehicle; and
a gap in a vehicle width direction between the first lighting part and the second lighting part;
wherein the first lighting part includes a first reflector and the second lighting part includes a second reflector, the first reflector located forward of the second reflector in a vehicle forward-rearward direction, and the gap is rearward of the first reflector in the vehicle forward-rearward direction,
wherein the second reflector is inclined toward one of the first reflector and the gap.