US Patent No. 10,398,066


Patent No. 10,398,066
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title System And Method For Preventing Display Bowing
Inventorship William Dunn, Alpharetta, GA (US)
Andrew Lincoln, Alpharetta, GA (US)
Mike Brown, Cumming, GA (US)
Marcos Diaz, Alpharetta, GA (US)
Assignee Manufacturing Resources International, Inc., Alpharetta, GA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,398,066

1. An apparatus for preventing bowing of an electronic display comprising:a housing;
a cover panel, wherein the electronic display is located behind said cover panel;
a backlight located behind said electronic display; and
a closed loop pathway for circulating gas comprising:
a first gas pathway located between said cover panel and the electronic display;
a backlight cavity located between the electronic display and the backlight; and
a second gas pathway located behind the backlight;
wherein the closed loop pathway is configured to cause the pressure of circulating gas in the backlight cavity to be lower than the circulating gas in the first gas pathway.