US Patent No. 10,398,045


Patent No. 10,398,045
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Pcb Mounted Security Slot
Inventorship Meir Avganim, Gealya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,398,045

1. A portable electronic device with a locking system, comprising:an outer wall defining a housing of said portable electronic device, said outer wall including an access opening into an interior of said housing; a printed circuit board securely anchored to said housing of said portable electronic device; a security locking component in the form of a lock opening defined in a material slab, said lock opening being configured to receive a locking head of a lock system, said material slab comprising a metal flange with a front wall in which said opening is defined; and
wherein said security locking component is physically anchored to the printed circuit board in the housing of the portable electronic device, and
wherein said material slab is sufficiently sturdy to receive and hold said locking head of said lock system anchored to said printed circuit board via said security locking component without said access opening provided at said outer wall of said housing, and wherein said access opening is registered with and located directly adjacent to the lock opening, so as to enable passage of the locking head to the lock opening.