US Patent No. 10,398,042


Patent No. 10,398,042
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Electronic Device With An Increased Flexural Rigidity
Inventorship Kevin M. Kenney, San Jose, CA (US)
Assignee Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,398,042

1. A computer, comprising:a processor;
a display in communication with the processor;
an enclosure carrying at least one of the processor or the display, the enclosure comprising a top wall, a bottom wall, and side walls that define an internal volume, wherein the top wall includes a core positioned between a first skin and a second skin, the second skin having a constant thickness and an interior surface, wherein the core is characterized as having a lower overall density than either of the first or second skins;
an operational component carried within the internal volume by the bottom wall of the enclosure, wherein the operational component has a protrusion that protrudes towards and is separated from the interior surface of the second skin by a clearance distance; and
wherein a region of the core that covers the protrusion is characterized as having a first thickness, otherwise, the core is characterized as having a second thickness that is less than the first thickness.