US Patent No. 10,398,040


Patent No. 10,398,040
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Power Adapter Packaging
Inventorship Patrizio Vinciarelli, Boston, MA (US)
Assignee VLT, Inc., Andover, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,398,040

1. An apparatus for converting power received from an input source for delivery to a load, comprising:a first printed circuit board (“PCB”) having one or more electrical terminations adapted for connection to the input source and one or more electrical terminations for connection to the load;
a power conversion module (“PCM”) having a module input and a module output, each being electrically connected to the first PCB, and power conversion circuitry adapted to convert power between the module input and the module output;
wherein at least one of the electrical connections from the module input or module output and the first PCB comprises a solder connection formed between a conductive area located on a vertical edge of the PCB and a conductive area located on a first vertical edge of the power conversion module,
wherein the vertical edges are approximately parallel to each other and the connection is located at an elevation below a top surface and above a bottom surface of the power conversion module.