US Patent No. 10,397,982


Patent No. 10,397,982
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Photographing Device For Vehicle
Inventorship Masayuki Usami, Toyota (JP)
Kunihiko Toyofuku, Toyota (JP)
Ryuichi Shinkai, Nishio (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,397,982

1. A photographing device for a vehicle, comprising:an imaging element disposed on an inner side of a window section, the window section being formed of a transparent material and mounted on the vehicle, the imaging element being configured to receive a photographing beam passing through a beam transmission section, and the beam transmission section being a portion of the window section;
a heater including a heating wire, the heater forming a portion of an electric circuit connected to a power supply and configured to generate heat when power is supplied from the power supply;
a heating section to which the heater is fixed, the heating section being disposed on an opposite side to an inner side surface of the beam transmission section with respect to the beam transmission section, the heating section being configured to receive the heat from the heater and apply radiant heat to the beam transmission section;
a switch element forming a portion of the electric circuit, the switch element being configured to switch an electrical connection state of the heater; and
a current limiting element disposed at the heating section and forming a portion of the electric circuit between the heater and the switch element, the current limiting element being configured such that current flowing through the heater is zero or is reduced when (i) the electric circuit is short-circuited such that power is supplied to the heater while bypassing the switch element, and (ii) a temperature transferred from the heating section to the current limiting element is equal to or higher than a predetermined value.