US Patent No. 10,397,978


Patent No. 10,397,978
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Method And System For Signaling Optimization Of Ip Connection Over A Mobile-radio Network
Inventorship Roland Zink, Neu-Anspach (DE)
Assignee FLASH NETWORKS, LTD, Herzliya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,397,978

1. A method comprising:(a) employing, a network element (NE) that is communicatively coupled between a plurality of cellular devices (CDs) via a cellular network and a plurality of servers via an Internet Protocol (IP) network; and
(b) configuring the NE for:
obtaining a control message sent from a first server, from the plurality of servers, toward a first CD from the plurality of CDs;
determining whether the first CD is in idle mode by comparing the time interval between the current time (CT), in which the control message was obtained, and the time value that is stored in a last timestamp register (LTSR) and indicates the time in which the last packet from the first CD had been obtained, if the time interval is bigger than a defined time out (TO) the first CD is considered to be in idle mode;
storing, upon determining that the first CD is in idle mode, the obtained control message in a computer memory device that is associated with the NE;
determining that another IP packet is sent toward the first CD; and
transferring the stored control message in association with the another IP packet toward the first CD via the cellular network;
(c) wherein storing the obtained control message saves the needs to reestablish the radio connection with the first CD, which is considered to be in idle mode.