US Patent No. 10,397,970


Patent No. 10,397,970
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Neighbor Awareness Networking Tree Mapping
Inventorship Lawrie Kurian, San Jose, CA (US)
Yong Liu, Campbell, CA (US)
Assignee Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,397,970

1. A wireless station, comprising:at least one antenna;
a first wireless interface and a second wireless interface, each configured to perform wireless communications; and
at least one processor communicatively coupled to one or more radios, wherein the one or more radios are associated with the first and second wireless interfaces;
wherein the at least one processor is configured to cause the wireless station to:
detect neighboring wireless stations that are configured to perform Wi-Fi communication, wherein the wireless station and the neighboring wireless stations are associated with a device cluster;
transmit a subscribe service discovery frame (SDF) to the neighboring wireless stations, wherein the subscribe SDF includes a parameter requesting discovery of neighboring non-Wi-Fi wireless stations;
receive respective publish SDFs from the neighboring wireless stations, wherein a respective publish SDF includes respective device information for a neighboring wireless station, wherein the respective device information includes a hop count parameter for the neighboring wireless station, and wherein the hop count parameter indicates a number of neighboring wireless stations between the wireless station and the neighboring wireless station;
receive a follow-up SDF, wherein the follow-up SDF includes services offered by a neighboring non-Wi-Fi wireless station; and
maintain a data structure containing mapping information for devices in the device cluster and a route to the neighboring non-Wi-Fi wireless station, wherein the data structure comprises the respective device information received from the neighboring wireless stations.