US Patent No. 10,397,948


Patent No. 10,397,948
Issue Date August 27, 2019
Title Methods And Apparatuses For Subframe Scheduling
Inventorship Gen Li, Beijing (CN)
Jinhua Liu, Beijing (CN)
Cong Shi, Beijing (CN)
Amitav Mukherjee, Fremont, CA (US)
Assignee Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ), Stockholm (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,397,948

1. A method implemented in a terminal device, comprising:transmitting, to a network device, a report indicating a size of uplink data to be transmitted by the terminal device;
receiving, from the network device, scheduling grant information indicating a first number of subframes in a grant scheduled to the terminal device for transmission of the uplink data; and
transmitting the uplink data to the network device in a third number of subframes in the grant among the first number of subframes, wherein the third number is less than the first number, and
wherein the report indicates that a second number of subframes in the grant are to be consumed by the transmission of the unlink data, and
wherein the second number of subframes is not among the first number of subframes, and the third number is equal to the second number.