US Patent No. 10,389,701


Patent No. 10,389,701
Issue Date August 20, 2019
Title Method And Device For Securely Accessing A Web Service
Inventorship Nicolas Le Scouarnec, Liffre (FR)
Erwan Le Merrer, Rennes (FR)
Gilles Straub, Acigne (FR)
Assignee InterDigital CE Patent Holdings, Paris (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,389,701

1. A method for securely accessing a web service by a web application running in a browser on a user device through a network, whereinsaid web service is hosted by a local device accessed by the user device, using processing circuitry, via a local area network;
said local device is delivered, by a trusted operator, a fully qualified name that uniquely identifies said local device and a certificate associated to said fully qualified name, the fully qualified name being associated with an IP address of the local device;
the method comprising:
sending by the user device to the network a request for accessing said web service by addressing a generic name that identifies any device hosting said web service;
receiving from the network by the user device a response to said request, said response comprising said fully qualified name identifying said local device hosting said web service;
when said fully qualified name is comprised in a list, connecting, by the user device, the web application to said local device by addressing said fully qualified name, wherein the list is dynamically obtained from said trusted operator by said web application running in the browser on the user device prior to the sending of the request;
receiving, by the user device, said certificate from said local device;and when said certificate associated to said fully qualified name is verified by the browser, securely accessing said web service.