US Patent No. 10,369,802


Patent No. 10,369,802
Issue Date August 06, 2019
Title Ink Filter With Passive De-aeration
Inventorship Patrick McAuliffe, North Ryde (AU)
Assignee Memjet Technology Limited, (IE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,369,802

11. An inkjet printer comprising:an ink tank containing ink having a predetermined ink level;
an ink filter positioned below the predetermined ink level; and
an inkjet printhead positioned above the predetermined ink level,wherein the ink filter comprises:a filter chamber having a filter inlet port for receiving ink from the ink tank, a filter outlet port for delivering ink to the printhead and a vent port, the vent port being positioned in a roof of the filter chamber;
a filter material positioned between the filter inlet port and the filter outlet port; and
a closed vent chamber connected to the vent port,and wherein the vent chamber has at least one wall exposed to atmosphere comprised of an air-permeable polymer.