US Patent No. 10,368,436


Patent No. 10,368,436
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Conductor Pad For Flexible Circuits And Flexible Circuit Incorporating The Same
Inventorship Sridharan Venk, Treviso (IT)
Earl Alfred Picard, Jr., Portsmouth, NH (US)
Qi Dai, Shanghai (CN)
Richard Garner, Arlington, MA (US)
Assignee OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc., Wilmington, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,368,436

1. A conductor pad comprising:a first contact region;
a second contact region; and
a body portion configured to establish a conductive path between the first contact region and the second contact region, the body portion comprising conductive material having a perimeter edge, the perimeter edge comprising:
a first convex segment;
a second convex segment;
a first non-convex segment disposed between the first convex segment and the second convex segment;
a third convex segment;
a second non-convex segment disposed between the second convex segment and the third convex segment;
a fourth convex segment; and
a third non-convex segment disposed between the third convex segment and the fourth convex segment;
wherein the second convex segment defines an outermost edge of the perimeter edge at a distance H2 from the horizontal axis, wherein the fourth convex segment has a fourth convex segment outermost edge at a distance H4 from the horizontal axis, and wherein the distance H2 is greater than the distance H4.