US Patent No. 10,368,135


Patent No. 10,368,135
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Method And System For Improved Interactive Television Processing
Inventorship Gerard C. Johnson, Wesley Chapel, FL (US)
Sean Bunner, St. Petersburg, FL (US)
John McDevitt, Clearwater, FL (US)
Assignee HSNi, LLC, St. Petersburg, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,368,135

1. A system for transmitting information to a user of a step-top box, the system comprising:a database configured to store user registration data and product information data relating to a plurality of products;
a set-top box communicatively coupled to a remote control device having a touch screen;
a server configured to:
broadcast the product information data of at least one of the plurality of products to a plurality of set-top boxes, including the set-top box, to be displayed on touch screens of a plurality of remote control devices communicatively coupled to the plurality of set-top boxes, respectively, without the product information data being designated for a specific user of one of the plurality of set-top boxes, and
transmit updated product information data that replaces at least a portion of the previously transmitted product information data of the at least one of the plurality of products to the plurality of set-top boxes to be displayed on the touch screens of the plurality of remote control devices, respectively; and
a processor configured to:
compare data relating to a transaction request from a user of the set-top box with user registration data of the user stored in the database to identify the user, and
generate personalized user transaction data and personalized product information for the identified user of the set-top box,
wherein the server is further configured to transmit programming instructions that include the personalized user transaction data and the personalized product information to the set-top box, such that the programming instructions configure the set-top box to control the remote control device communicatively coupled to the set-top box to display the personalized product information in a customized manner on the touch screen of the remote control device, with the customized manner of display being different than the display of the product information data that is broadcast to the plurality of set-top boxes.