US Patent No. 10,367,385


Patent No. 10,367,385
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Motor
Inventorship Koji Mikami, Kosai (JP)
Yoji Yamada, Hamamatsu (JP)
Akihisa Hattori, Toyohashi (JP)
Seiya Yokoyama, Toyohashi (JP)
Assignee DENSO CORPORATION, Aichi-pref. (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,367,385

1. A motor comprising:a stator including windings; and
a rotor rotated by a rotation field generated when drive currents are supplied to the windings;
wherein the windings include a first winding and a second winding, in which the first winding and the second winding are synchronously excited by the drive currents and connected in series;
the rotor includes a magnet pole, which includes a permanent magnet, and a flux toleration portion;
the flux toleration portion is opposed to the second winding at a rotational position of the rotor where the magnet pole opposes the first winding, and the flux toleration portion tolerates generation of a flux linkage resulting from a field weakening current at the second winding.