US Patent No. 10,366,048


Patent No. 10,366,048
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Method Of Performing Automatic Commissioning Of A Network
Inventorship Xiangyu Wang, Eindhoven (NL)
Armand Michel Marie Lelkens, Heerlen (NL)
Maurice Herman Johan Draaijer, Ittervoort (NL)
Assignee SIGNIFY HOLDING B.V., Eindhoven (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,366,048

1. A method of performing automatic commissioning of a network comprising a plurality of network devices for lighting a building, wherein the devices are realised to exchange data packets, which method comprises the steps of:receiving an installation plan for the network, which installation plan comprises a physical location descriptor for devices of the network, wherein each device is characterised by a device identifier;
installing, or having installed, power and data cables for the plurality of network devices and wherein the plurality of network devices includes at least two or more of a light or luminaire, light switch, light sensor and thermostat according to the installation plan;
issuing broadcast commends for a predetermine time to each device to broadcast data packets to other devices;
accumulating, during the predetermine time by each device, network descriptive information based on communication information related to data packets exchanged between the devices, wherein the network descriptive information identifies neighboring devices for each device of the network and includes one or more of a list of sending/receiving device port identifiers, forwarding tables, connectivity tables, traceroute time results, and ping time results;
analysing the accumulated network descriptive information from each device to deduce a network topology of the entire network by estimating distances between each device using the network descriptive information;
allocating a physical location descriptor to each device identifier in the network topology by comparing the network topology to the installation plan, by pairing a device identifier with a physical location descriptor by deduction;
grouping devices based on their physical locations or function,
commissioning the network by providing the device identifiers, physical location descriptors and groups to a control system to control a device, and
controlling the network based on the device identifiers and physical location descriptors.