US Patent No. 10,365,817


Patent No. 10,365,817
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Mobile Communication Terminal Providing Adaptive Sensitivity Of A Click Event
Inventorship Peter Cullin, Staffanstorp (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,365,817

8. A method of providing adaptive sensitivity of a click event for a mobile communication terminal having a touch display, the method comprising:displaying at least a first graphical object and a second graphical object on the touch display;
associating said first graphical object with a first time threshold;
associating said second graphical object with a second time threshold;
receiving a touch on the touch display from a user;
determining a touch position and a touch duration for said touch;
determining a graphical object corresponding to said touch position;
retrieving a time threshold, among said first time threshold and said second time threshold, for the determined graphical object;
setting said time threshold as a reference threshold;
determining if said touch duration exceeds said reference time threshold; and
if so, generating a click event for said corresponding graphical object,
wherein said first time threshold is either higher or lower than said second time threshold depending on one or more of the following:
(i) a size, shape, or color of the corresponding graphical object,
(ii) a distance from the corresponding graphical object to a neighboring graphical object,
(iii) a relative location of the corresponding graphical object in a touch area of the touch display.