US Patent No. 10,363,813


Patent No. 10,363,813
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Integrated Motor And Axle Apparatus And Method
Inventorship Timothy Richter, Erie, PA (US)
Patrick Jansen, Erie, PA (US)
Assignee GE Global Sourcing LLC, Norwalk, CT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,363,813

7. A system, comprising:an electric motor, the electric motor including:
a housing having a first end and a second end;
a hollow rotor shaft extending through the housing from the first end to the second end of the housing, the hollow rotor shaft having a first shaft end having an interior spline surface, and a second shaft end; and
a rear drive shaft received within the hollow rotor shaft, the rear drive shaft having a first splined end mating with the interior spline surface of the hollow rotor shaft and a second splined end opposite the first splined end; and
an axle coupled to the electric motor, the axle including an axle input shaft having an internal splined surface receiving the second splined end of the rear drive shaft.